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Schiff Steven J., Kiwanuka Julius, Riggio Gina, Nguyen Lan, Mu Kevin, Sproul Emily, Bazira Joel, Mwanga-Amumpaire Juliet, Tumusiime Dickson, Nyesigire Eunice, Lwanga Nkangi, Bogale Kaleb T., Kapur Vivek, Broach James R., Morton Sarah U., Warf Benjamin C., Poss Mary. Separating Putative Pathogens from Background Contamination with Principal Orthogonal Decomposition: Evidence for Leptospira in the Ugandan Neonatal Septisome. Frontiers in Medicine, Volume 3, 2016. [Link to Paper]

Popular Articles

Riggio, Gina. “Seeds in space – how well can they survive harsh, non-Earth conditions?” (Maggie Villager, Ed.). The Conversation. September 15, 2017.  https://theconversation.com/seeds-in-space-how-well-can-they-survive-harsh-non-earth-conditions-81803